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Walter's Appears To Be Moving By Month's End

According to the above poster for the Saxton Fox/Art Institute/Satin Hooks show, which was posted on Hands Up Houston earlier this afternoon, Walter's on Washington appears to be moving before the end of the month.

The new location, 1120 Naylor, is just north of I-10, in the same industrial complex of warehouses, garages and art studios as Diverseworks.

The only redoubt for punk, hardcore, metal and independent music - and, give or take an open-mike or special event here and there, live music at all - on the increasingly stuffy Washington Avenue strip for several years now, Walter's first made intimations of changing locations in August 2009. At that time, owner Pam Robinson told Rocks Off "Walter's on Washington will have to be Walter's off Washington now" and laughed.

Since then, the club has managed to stay put and stay open, although Rocks Off heard through the proverbial grapevine that a couple of prospective new locations fell through on the verge of a deal being completed.

The club's Web site,, continues to list 4215 Washington as the address, but the calendar has suspiciously not been updated past the April 10 Project Born show sponsored by

Wherever it is, Walter's does not appear to be closing. Several posters for upcoming shows, including Radio Moscow, T.S.O.L., the Murder Junkies and the Meatmen, were posted on the club's Facebook page over the weekend. Curiously enough, none of the posters - shows sponsors sponsored by - has either address, but Frank Pulido posted this question on the club's Facebook wall a few hours ago:

Will Saturday's show be at the Washington Location? not sure if ya'll have moved yet.

Rocks Off is curious about this ourselves. We left a message for Robinson earlier this afternoon, and will have more information as soon as we know anything else.

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