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Walters Downtown Must Retire Debt by April 30

Zack Palmer, owner of Walters Downtown, says his club must retire the debt it incurred while his late mother, the club's longtime proprietress, Pamela Robinson, battled melanoma by next Thursday or face foreclosure. Palmer, who took over Walters upon Robinson's death last October, has started an IndieGoGo page, where he posted the following message earlier this afternoon:

Three days ago I was served with a notice to cure the remainder of the debt by no later than April 30. These are people I admire; I feel for their situation and respect their decision to pursue this notice. Our families have became very well acquainted with each other and they have no particular interest in trying to see that we leave the building or cease working together, they simply rather see us catch up and continue to prosper. By contract, I have no other choice in the matter than to act accordingly, a feat I have faith in happening.

The good news, he added, is that Walters is thriving right now:

Walter's [sic] is at an apex of our tenure at our downtown location. That coped with an upwards growth that is still being seen, we believe that with a strong community backing this goal can happen in the time it needs to. I don't have much interest in a handout; I more crave an affirmation that the people surrounding Walter's understand the importance of having a place to belong and are willing to back it.

As incentive levels, Palmer is offering free admission to the club for various periods of time: one show ($25); four months ($150); one year ($300); two years ($500); and "two years plus one," meaning a guest ($800).

Considering Mango's closed abruptly (if not unexpectedly) earlier this week following Monday's 4/20 blowout, Walters' stature as one of the few Houston venues where aspiring bands and musicians can get their foot in the door has just increased that much more.

The campaign was launched at noon today and as of 3 p.m. had already raised almost $5,000 from more than 50 donors. Deadline is next Thursday, April 30. Please donate here.

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