Walter's Preps for Its First Monthly Swap Meet & Bazaar

Coming up on Sunday, May 27, at 6 p.m., Walter's will be hosting its first swap meet, or the Walter's Bazaar as they are calling it. Sort of designed like a punk-rock craft show, the event welcomes vendors and gives them the opportunity to sell records, art, clothing or whatever else they feel like swapping and dealing.

Jacob Rynearson of local amp sho Steamboat Ampworks is helping head up the bazaar, which is free to the public. Vendors can pay $20 to rent a booth. The venue hopes to make this a monthly event on every last Sunday, with bands and DJs coming in and playing as well.

"The idea of the swap meet is to rally behind the burgeoning art community in the neighborhood, " says Rynearson. The venue is smack in the middle of a veritable artistic hotbed. DiverseWorks and University of Houston Downtown are neighbors, with the Elder Street Artist Lofts, Blumenthall Metal, Last Concert Cafe and the Saint Arnold brewery just blocks away.

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"People are strangely wary of this neighborhood, but it is only a matter of time before this area is booming, and in so many ways it is already," he adds.

There are not exact limits on what you can and cannot sell, but as always use your best judgment. Drugs are probably not a good idea.

"I don't want weapons to be sold. That's kind of weird," says Rynearson. Don't bring weapons to a bar, people."

Say goodbye to your dreams of a punk-rock gun show.

"The main idea is records, but of course we want everything, though. Artists in and of every variety. Crafts, paintings, whatever," he adds.

There used to be monthly swap meets at the old Walter's location off Washington that was headed up by scene vet Bucky Thuerwachter but as the neighborhood changed, it died off.

"I think this community can and will support the new location for a very long time," Rynearson says.

In the future, Rynearson hints at other cool stuff going at the swap meets, like a record-cutting demonstration and maybe even a tattoo booth.

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