Wangcaster Rules: Rocks Off's Top 10 Stories Of 2010

It's been a wild and crazy year. And while we're still wrapping up some of our personal favorite stories of 2010, Rocks Off throughout we'd take a look at the Top 10 most-read stories of the most recent solar rotation. Relive the magic with our links below...

10. Note To Thieves: People You Rob Use Craigslist Too -- In March, Rocks Off writer/photog Marc Brubaker was the victim of a home robbery which he lost two Macs and a printer, all three things that he uses to do photography for us at Rocks Off. in the days after, Brubaker spent his free time surfing Craigslist to see if any of his equipment may have turned up on the secondary market. In his search, he found what appeared to be his desktop Mac machine. By mid-afternoon, Brubaker was driving to the home of the man who was selling the computer.

9. Happy Anniversary, Nirvana's Nevermind -- 19 years later, Rocks Off looks back at the album that launched a sea change in popular music.

8. Music's Top 10 Messed-Up Mouths -- Rocks Off put together a gallery of some of music's most messed-up grills - many of which have since been repaired or replaced. We just hope you've already eaten breakfast.

7. The Top 10 Rock-Musician Film Scores -- Plenty of musicians have turned into expert, godhead film composers - Mark Mothersbaugh and Danny Elfman, for instance. In the wake of The Social Network (scored by Trent Reznor) and TRON (scored by Daft Punk), we made a list of some of our favorite rock musician-assisted instrumental scores, the ones we can't stop spinning long after we stop watching the movies that spawned them.

6. Church Hymn Or Metal Song? You Tell Us -- Test your musical knowledge and try to figure out if these lyrics were inspired by the Prince of Darkness or the King of Kings.

5. I Hate My Album: Five Artists Who Dissed Their Own Work -- Here, we salute five artists who were brave enough to distance themselves from their own albums.

4. The Five Most Bogus Rapper Apologies -- It's the unwritten rule in rap: Never apologize. Offering apology in hip-hop is a sign of weakness and rappers simply can't appear weak, no matter what.

3. YouTube Reinstates Ally ASL's Account -- Allyson Townsend (right), whose sign-language versions of pop songs got her suspended from YouTube, wins her appeal on the basis of Fair Use.

2. Whoa! 21 Famous Musicians' High School Yearbook Photos -- Willie Nelson with short hair, Lady Gaga as a norm.

1. The 6 Absolute Ugliest Custom Guitars On The Planet -- Introducing... the Wangcaster, which is exactly what you think it is.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.