Things That Make Us Feel Old

Wanna Feel Old? These Are Pamela Anderson And Tommy Lee's Kids

Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and pinup gal Pamela Anderson were one of the most read-about and photographed couples of the '90s. Their leaked honeymoon sex tape would make millions for porn company IEG and it would cement Lee's legend as a wangsman of the highest order and make lonely men and young boys fall in love with the blonde, buxom Anderson for the rest of their days.

Some of you haven't recovered, and for many it was the first "porn" they would ever see.

Now that that creepiness is out of the way...

Two sons would come from their torrid marriage, Brandon and Dylan Lee, in that order. Their welfare was the subject of numerous tabloid stories and a child's death at a birthday pool party for five-year old Brandon in 2001 would bring about an ultimately fruitless lawsuit for the grieving family.

Above is a picture of the boys that Tommy recently posted to Instagram.

If you follow father Tommy on IG or Twitter, you know that his boys are a big part of his life. The Crue drummer is zeroing on the big 5-0 in October. Hard to believe that he's almost my father's age, while bassist Nikki Sixx and my dad are three months apart.

It appears that in the pic that is Brandon on the right -- the one that looks like a brooding male model -- and Dylan is on the left, who seems to have inherited his dad's mischievous glint. Lee's fans on IG made their approval of the boys good looks well-known in the creepiest way possible.

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