Want To See U2 Tonight?

Sorry, can't help you there. For that you'd need a passport - and a time machine, because the Irish supergroup's next concert isn't until August 5 in Turin, Italy's Stadio Olimpico.

Instead, you can either head over to to sign up for tickets for the postponed/rescheduled second North American segment of the 360 Tour (so named because it apparently has no end) and start making travel arrangements for Denver, Oakland, Seattle, Montreal or Anaheim next summer. Or you can just go to House of Blues right here in Houston, where Austin's Mysterious Ways - billed as "America's U2 Tribute Band" - plays this evening. We won't say they're even better than the real thing, but they're not bad.

But first, you should stop by the Press offices, because Rocks Off is giving away some tickets to the show.

At first, we were going to make you work for them, or at least see if you could make us laugh, by asking you to leave the silliest thing Bono has ever said in the comments down there. Depending on how many tickets we had, we planned to pick out the 10 or 20 funniest ones.

Then HOB sent over a mound of tickets big enough to make Bono six feet tall if he stood on them, so that idea kind of went out the window. Feel free to do it anyway, though... Lord knows we could use a good laugh.

So just come and get them. Our offices are at 1621 Milam, Suite 100, downtown near the intersection of Milam and Pease.

The tickets will be at the front desk until our offices close at 6 p.m. We're not going to put any sort of limit on the amount you can have - there are a lot - but please be nice and take only as many as you're really going to use. Bono would want it that way.

Rocks Off will actually be downstairs at HOB this evening, watching Phosphorescent's free show in the "Voodoo Lounge" (read: restaurant). But if you don't mind, request "Out of Control" for us. We've always liked that one.

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Chris Gray has been Music Editor for the Houston Press since 2008. He is the proud father of a Beatles-loving toddler named Oliver.
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