Warehouse Live's Ailing Amy Shields Could Use Your Help

UPDATE (4:40 p.m.) A benefit for Shields is scheduled for next Wednesday, August 24, in the Warehouse Live Green Room.

If you frequent Warehouse Live, you know Amy Shields. She's the bubbly blonde who checks your tickets outside and makes sure you aren't bringing rocket launchers inside the venue. She's the voice (er, fingers?) of Warehouse's Twitter and Facebook streams, either announcing big shows or leaking set times to us napping music writers.

She's also a veteran of the Houston scene, going to punk and alt-rock shows since before some of you even knew who or what a Green Day was. She's got some pretty goofy stories to tell, like the time she chatted up Thom Yorke the night that Radiohead opened up for R.E.M. in the Woodlands.

This past week, Shields found out she needs gall bladder surgery very soon, a condition she has been chronicling on Twitter through hospital visits. It sounds pretty painful, and wouldn't you know it, the operation has a price tag of more than $6,000. Shields has no medical insurance, which is sadly the norm for many people in the music business.

Earlier today, local band manager and photographer Mark C. Austin set up an Indie GoGo account for Shields, with plans for further offline fund-raising in the works. Knowing Austin's persistence and admiration for those who help keep Houston music alive, Shields is in good hands.

Any little bit you can throw into the collection will help, and Austin has said he will match all donations up to $1,000.

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