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Warm And Scratchy: A Definitive [adult swim] Discography

The masterminds behind Aqua Teen Hunger Force have relocated the fast-food crew to Seattle and changed not only the name, but also the structure of the show after deciding that they were unhappy with the pilot. They even made a new theme song, recruiting Queen of the Stone Age Josh Homme and Alain Johannes for the daunting task of replacing the Schooly D's still-catchy original.

[adult swim] is known for its expert use of music during the "bumpers" or "bumps": The few-second pauses between commercials and programming. The eyelash-quick announcements and anecdotes are usually set to the music of Stones Throw Records artists, and [adult swim] is incredibly subtle about their love of late producer J Dilla.

At, Adult Swimmers can rummage through an inventory back to 2001 by artist, black and white cards-the most recent format for bumps, or tags. Over the past few years, [adult swim]'s Stones Throw partnership and frequent collaborations with Williams Street Records has led to several compilation albums.

Most are free to download on the Web site, so we've made a compilation of compilation albums for you to check out after the jump.

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Allison Wagoner