Was Chris Brown Shopping For A Birthday Party Spot At The Galleria?
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Was Chris Brown Shopping For A Birthday Party Spot At The Galleria?

Channel 39 recently posted a short video of Chris Brown as the embattled R&B singer visited the Galleria over the weekend. The video is about a minute of Brown, a small entourage and a phalanx of security guards leaving a shoe store and heading upstairs as other Galleria shoppers dutifully line up to take video on their cell phones. Frankly, it's not nearly as exciting as either Paul Wall's Whataburger brawl or Erykah Badu's naked JFK reenactment. However, Rocks Off thinks we have an idea why Brown was really nosing around the Galleria: He's looking for somewhere to throw himself a 21st birthday party. Because, you know, no one else is going to. According to Bossip.com, Brown, who turns 21 on May 5, has been turned down by nightclubs in New York, Miami and Las Vegas because promoters are wary of recriminations from Rihanna if they book Brown's party at their establishment: "When you've been convicted of felony assault against an even bigger recording artist, the chances of finding a venue to host your bash can be real slim." An even bigger recording artist with the current No. 1 single in the country, no less. The Galleria is unlikely to be on Rihanna's radar, though... even the ice rink. Rocks Off took a quick glance at property owner Simon Malls' Web site, and it looks like Brown has several other options besides a skating party, too. He could have his picture taken with the Easter Bunny, have his taxes done or get some legal advice - never a bad idea for someone serving a five-year probation hitch. Our money is on TILT, though. We never get tired of that crane gizmo, and it's close to the Roxy, where we hear someone with Brown's pugilistic background might fit right in (check the reviews). But if the Galleria TILT turns him down, he might have better luck with the Lufkin, Victoria or Del Rio locations.

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