We Are Not Making Fun of Taylor Hicks or His Fans at All In This Post

Swoon Alert! Oh my stars you guys! Are you all sitting down? Really? You wouldn't lie? For serious, OK! Lulz for days! Warehouse Live and Ticketmaster are running a special this weekend for all of us Soul Patrol devotees. Tickets for what is sure to be a life-changing and heart-melting show this Monday are now buy one get one free! We told you needed to sit down for this, all you Taylormaniacs. If there is anyone you know that hasn't seen Taylor live, give them a hug for me, and then buy them a ticket. No one should go through life not seeing that hunk of man live and on fire.

So this means you can bring even more people to witness the majesty of Tay live. Rocks Off already has his tickets all sewn up and can't wait to swoon all night and probably all the next day over Mr. Hicks. Screw all this Beatles nostalgia, and tell Elvis to stay dead, because the real king of rock and roll is coming to town just for us devoted Houstonians. The offer goes until noon Monday or until the tickets are gone.

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