We Interrupt Rocks Off's Pre-ACL Fest Coverage for This Important Political Announcement

Rocks Off is neck-deep in organizing

Austin City Limits Festival

coverage, both for the


- you know, that paper product we insist on putting out every week - and right here online, but we're going to put that off until tomorrow so we can remind you that former U.S. House Speaker and Sugar Land's very own Tom "The Hammer" DeLay makes his debut on ABC's

Dancing With the Stars

in about an hour at 7 p.m. on Channel 13. Gamblers take note: out of the show's record 16-contestant field, the bookmakers at


have the Hammer bringing up the rear, which means if you lay down one George Washington on the former pest-control specialist, you win a cool $3,000 should the Hammer wind up nailing competitors such as Mya (the favorite), Aaron Carter, Donny Osmond, Macy Gray and Michael Irvin. One guy we're pretty sure won't be betting on DeLay - or at least won't be telling anyone if he does - is Air America talk jock Mike Papantonio, who in the above clip notes DeLay has "left a trail of ugly in almost everything he's touched as a politician." Rocks Off is no fan of the Hammer, but we feel like we should point out that this is a televised dancing competition, for God's sakes, and Papantonio may be taking it - to say nothing of himself - a tiny bit too seriously. Say what you will about DeLay, but

in this pre-Dancing clip

he at least appears to have a sense of humor about the whole thing. (The rest of us are waiting to laugh

until we see the outfit he's supposedly going to wear

.) Will DeLay leave a trail of ugly on the dance floor? Find out soon enough, and check back on Rocks Off Tuesday morning for a step-by-step recap from our brand-new TV blogger Daniel Carlson. And, yes, some actual ACL previews.

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