We Were Wolves Ready to 'Ruin Your Weekend' By Kicking Some Ass

Give thanks, lovers of rock music, because Houston’s sweatiest grunge-rockers We Were Wolves have returned. Following their 2013 sophomore effort Wolf House, the band has released a 15-minute-long EP Ruin Your Weekend, and it’s quite good.

The four-piece first caught my attention at last year’s Yes, Indeed! Fest on Mid-Main. Halfway through their first song I thought, Why have I never heard of these guys? Their brand of rock music manages to be both straightforward and accessible without sounding commonplace. Since last September, their albums have been on regular rotation for me.

The Wolves, who hail from Beaumont but relocated to Houston a few years ago, fill a niche that has been left wanting in recent years. Where EDM and rap have become the norm, this band's brand of in-your-face rock isn’t as readily accessible as it once was. Lucky for Houston fans, the Wolves have plans to keep howling away, and Ruin Your Weekend is just a starter.

“It’s just a little appetizer for what’s to come,” vocalist/guitarist Drew Haught says of the EP. “We are working on our full-length currently and are excited to see where it takes us.”

Ruin Your Weekend begins with “Home,” an uptempo rocker about avoiding isolation and the feelings of loneliness that can be associated with one’s residence. Though he doesn’t consider himself to be the most social person, Haught says that it’s nice to be distracted by friends and loved ones when he’s feeling down.

“Sometimes the last thing that you want is to be left alone,” Haught says of the track. “You might need people around you and things to take you away from your own thoughts. Being left to your own devices can sometimes be a bad thing.”

“Home” sets the pace for Ruin Your Weekend, which doesn’t ease off for its remaining 11 minutes. The EP crashes through listeners’ headphones and stereos and forgoes the kind of polish one might expect from a studio album for rawness.

“The EP is kinda’ straight to the point,” Haught says. But forthrightness isn’t always a bad thing, and in the case of the Wolves, it may be just what their fans want.

“We just wanted something that was fun and honest,” Haught continues. “It’s too easy to get into the studio and overdo it. We tried to keep it simple, just like we do it live. We wanted it to be an escape, like a rock show you can start and stop when you want.”

And the Wolves have no intention of letting up any time soon.

“It’s time to tour and write songs,” Haught says. “Anything that we can do to be productive is what we’re after. We are currently working on some new stuff for our full-length and have a couple of tours in the works. We want to hit the road and play these songs for as many people as we can. We just want to play rock and roll.”

Ruin Your Weekend is available through Bandcamp. We Were Wolves performs with Satellite D'Homme and Brand New Hearts at Knights of the Fire Kingdom's LP-release party Friday night at Fitzgerald's, 2706 White Oak. No cover for 21 & up. Finally, the band also performs at the Bayou City Bonanza July 25 at Eastdown Warehouse alongside Fat Tony, Purple, Gabe Bravo and Jaffer Khan, among others. Tickets available here.

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