Webb Wilder Keeps the Crackle in His Groove

Webb Wilder, who rolls into McGonigel's Mucky Duck on his first-ever solo tour Sunday, is a lifer, a rock and roll true believer who refuses to give in to the modern-day music business model. Thirty years after the release of his monumental cowpunk statement It Came From Nashville, Wilder soldiers on, doing his own thing, making a living the hard way, one show at a time.

"If you're going to do this," the last of the full grown men explains, "you need to keep bringing in new fans while being careful not to alienate and lose your old fans. I think every artist with much longevity has to deal with that dynamic, find some balance."

Wilder, who was signed to Island Records for his second release, Hybrid Vigor, has been through a Who's Who of noted roots-music labels: Praxis/Zoo, Watermelon, Blind Pig, Landslide, Racket and DixieFrog. Ironically, Wilder, who was a disc jockey on Sirius/XM radio for a while, will return to Landslide for his next release due later this year.

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William Michael Smith