Weekend Music: Murder on Memorial Day

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Fifteen years ago next month, shock-punk hero GG Allin's brief but eventful life came to an end when his wildly overtaxed body had all it could handle and finally gave out after one shot of heroin too many. Naturally, Allin's legend has only grown since then, aided by 1994 documentary

Hated: GG Allin and the Murder Junkies

(the first film by

Road Trip


Old School

director Todd Phillips) and the indelible memories of nights like February 18, 1992 at Austin's Cavity Club.

That gig, like many others, ended with the bloodied and feces-covered Allin being hauled off to jail (read the arrest report here). "Allen asked why the police Maced him," the arresting officer noted, "and I advised him it was not the police." Now led by Allin's bass-playing brother bass-playing brother Merle, the Murder Junkies have gotten sentimental in their middle age - their tour marking the 15th anniversary of Allin's death stops at Walter's tonight with Los de Verdad, Rats in the Attic and Riot Up Front. They might be getting a little old to shit onstage, but then again, you never know.

Elsewhere, Dallas' Forever the Sickest Kids weren't even a week old when their singer accidentally bought a front-page ad on www.purevolume.com, inadvertently sparking an eight-label bidding war when "Hey Brittany" - hastily written so his $350 wouldn't go to waste - drew 2.5 million plays. Ah, the Internet. Tonight the Kids headline a bill of bands barely old enough to shave at Warehouse Live, with Metro Station (Hollywood, featuring Miley Cyrus' stepbrother), the Cab (Vegas), the Maine (Phoenix) and Danger Radio (Seattle). Bob Schneider, who some of you UT exes and other former Austinites may have heard of, touches down at Meridian this time, with Houston's jam-tastic Plump in tow. And it's Prom Night at the Continental Club, with Molly & the Ringwalds and Disco Expressions spiking the punch. Prom attire required.

Saturday, Austin's UME, currently trying to land their abrasive pop at Lollapalooza via the "Last Band Standing" contest (vote here), scour the Mink with Lymbyc System and the not-at-all-depressing Sour Notes. Don't forget about Meridian's benefit for cancer-stricken former The Tie That Binds drummer Alex Arizpe , while Dallas' Miser tops a modern-rock night in the main room with Dawn Over Zero, Subversa and Pale.

Washington D.C. Warped Tour pickups You, Me, and Everyone We Know do it for the kids at Javajazz with Cinematic Sunrise, Daphne Loves Derby, Dropping Daylight, Playradioplay!, Alive in Wild Paint and My American Heart. Montrose irie posse Ryan Scroggins and the Trenchtown Texans and Chango Man, heirs to the beloved tamale-flingers Chango Jackson, scoff at sobriety at the Continental Club, and New Jersey R&B crooner Jaheim, grandson of onetime Drifters member Victor Hoagland, will pick and choose from his albums Ghetto Love, Still Ghetto, Ghetto Classics and last year's Makings of a Man at the Arena Theater.

Sunday, the Lord's Day, Adversary Productions makes a joyful noise at Meridian with the acoustic campfire folk (kidding... please don't disembowel me) of Infernaeon, Fierce Allegiance, Uncleansed, Hod, Ebonmortis and Funeralcult. Brooding Richmond rockers Mooney and Houston's equally melancholy Las Imagenes Ocultes head up a rock en espanol evening at Warehouse Live. And if you missed Iron Maiden yesterday, Vancouver powerslaves 3 Inches of Blood, headlining the Jaegermeister Music Tour Sunday at Verizon with Hatebreed, Type O Negative and the Destro, might just be the next best thing. - Chris Gray

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