Weekend Video Log: Benjamin Wesley, Jamie Foxx, Arc Angels, Bob Schneider

You may have noticed there was a lot of live-music activity in town over the weekend. But even Rocks Off couldn't get to it all, so we decided to root around on YouTube for a bit. There's an important lesson here; namely that if you're at a concert and happen to have a video-recording device handy, we'll probably post it. Just keep that in mind. (And if you happened to shoot something our YouTube search somehow missed, by all means email us.) This week we'll start with a ringer: Houston's own Benjamin Wesley bringing down the house with a new song at Cactus Music Saturday afternoon.

Benjamin Wesley (Cactus Music, July 11), video by Craig Hlavaty
Jamie Foxx, "Freaking Me" (Reliant Arena, July 10), video by mstrulylady
Arc Angels, "Sent by Angels" (House of Blues, July 10), video by bmary21
Bob Schneider, "40 Dogs (Romeo and Juliet)" (McGonigel's Mucky Duck, July 10)  video by gregabater

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