Weekend Video Roundup: Beastie Boys and Aerosmith

No, the Beastie Boys didn't play Houston over the weekend, and they won't be in the forseeable future either. No sooner had C3 Entertainment announced that the Boys would take the 8:15-9:30 p.m. spot on the Austin City Limits Music Festival's AMD stage Friday, October 2 - see the full schedule

here, now

- than the NYC rappers' PR firm countered with the news that the Boys had canceled all tour dates and postponed the release of this fall's album

Hot Sauce Committee, Volume 1

to allow Adam "MCA" Yauch to recuperate from surgery removing a just-discovered tumor from one of his salivary glands. Get well soon, dude. This is not what'cha wanted at all, we're sure.

Video by justplaying37
Video by LMA53
Video by fbegnini
Video by fbegnini
Video by fbegnini

On the other hand, Aerosmith did play here, and very well. Here's a few seconds of the bad boys from Boston's opener Friday at the Woodlands, "Eat the Rich" (top), plus, proceeding down, "Dream On," "Cryin'," "Love In an Elevator" and "Janie's Got a Gun."

Read Rocks Off's review here.

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