Weird Party

We don't normally recommend a band's very first show outside the rehearsal space, but when it has a pedigree like Houston's brand-new Weird Party, we're happy to make an exception. Last summer, various present and former members of Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Welfare Mothers, Sugar Shack, These Borders and Muhammad Ali formed like Voltron into a five-headed hydra of garage-punk mayhem. And if you're stupidly worried that somehow that might add up to less than the sum of parts, trust us, it doesn't. Weird Party slipped us some MP3s of "Sarah Palin" and "Pale Brunette" last week, songs practically begging you to spill beer on the band and maybe knock over an amp or two if the group doesn't beat you to it. "We're going to ride this ugly beast of burden till its back breaks or it bucks us off, whichever comes first," promises guitarist Kyle Gionis. Show up Friday and they'll give you a CD-R of those two songs (because CD-Rs are totally the new 7-inches) absolutely free, and while you're at it, stick around for two more of Houston's finest: Salt-of-the-earth blues savants Grandfather Child and preening glam-rockers Roky Moon & BOLT, who leave on tour after the show.

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