Weird Party Break Up, Leave Free Album Behind

UPDATE: Link is fixed. Download away.

One of 2010's local breakout bands, Weird Party, broke up just after their New Year's Eve performance at Fitzgerald's, unbeknownst to most people. It was either seen as a rumor or a joke around town, according to a source.

But Wednesday, Rocks Off we got an email from guitarist Bryan Agan who confirmed that the band is indeed no more. Weird Party band was a supergroup of sorts, debuting live just about a year ago upstairs at The Mink, and featuring various current and former members of Fatal Flying Guilloteens, Welfare Mothers, Sugar Shack, and These Borders.

"I quit on NYE. Shawn and Kyle started a new band, but I don't know what it's called," Agan said. "Stephen Bee, our drummer, and I are starting a new band called Dead Tooth, and looking for a bass player still.

"The future looks bright, if anything there will now be two great bands in Houston instead of just one. But either way we do have a finished album."

To get some background on where the band was at during recording, Rocks Off asked Agan what fueled the band's only collection of recorded material.

"Honestly it was the hot summer months that fueled the rage that comes out on these songs. It's gritty, mean, and fast."

Here is a link to a free download of the first and last Weird Party LP. Enjoy.

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