Weird Wide Web: International Strange Music Day, Oddmusic, Starving Weirdos, Strange Glue and many more


This site claims August 24 is International Strange Music Day. Its creator is Patrick Grant, whose sound The Village Voice calls a "driving and harsh energy redolent of rock" with "intricate cross-rhythms." You can also hear songs on Grant's MySpace page: www.myspace.com/patrickgrantnyc.


The name says it all: "Oddmusic is home to unique, odd, ethnic, experimental and unusual musical instruments and resources." Evidently gourd music is a valid genre. The gallery has pictures and information on odd instruments, including the bubble organ, guitarpsichord and bowafridgeaphone. See for yourself.


This site boasts "strange music in small doses" and "a three cut collision to the avant extremes of sound," whatever that means. There are an abundance of links to podcasts that are — you guessed it — strange. Those who dare can soak up "Telekinetic Moonshine," which kicks off with a chorus of car horns.


Starving Weirdos' sonic concoctions are guaranteed to make a sleeping dog wake up and go, "Huh?" At least my dog did. This music, if you can call it that, might offend listeners with sensitive ears; think Metal Music Machine in slow motion.


This British e-zine tracks both up-and-coming and well-known bands. Ever heard of the Cribs? You have now — on October 29 they're releasing a single called "Don't You Want to Be Relevant." Man, I sure do, so good thing Strange Glue is here to help. It's not all obscure music, however; bands like Jane's Addiction are covered as well.


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The Internet's answer to Wal-Mart still has some pretty bizarre stuff tucked away. For a good time, check out the CD compilation Re/Search: Incredibly Strange Music, Volume 1, which contains the unparalleled "Dinner Music for a Pack of Hungry Cannibals." Mmmmmm. One reviewer describes Kali Bahlu's "Cosmic Telephone Call" as "a bizarre 11-minute­ recounting of a telephone conversation...with Buddha." And yes, there is a ­Volume 2.


Focused primarily on jazz, this Web site maintains current "news from the darkest corners of the musical universe," with a downloads page linking to free albums and/or clips. Some samples, such as the swinging Bobby Mercer Road Show, are surprisingly listenable.


If you listen to music found anywhere else, this site would have you believe that the music is unoriginal. In fact, this page is "The Only place to find Original Music." That's capital O, capital M. The site is currently accepting submissions for a compilation album, which will be distributed to record labels, radio stations, etc. Only those who create Original Music need apply.


Step right up, ladies and gentlemen, for a trip through "Frank's Vinyl Museum — the Internet Home of Weird Records." Frank offers oddball recordings like Fonzie Fonzie He's Our Man, a collection of "fake Happy Days for your turntable." Moog heads will love Everything You Always Wanted to Hear on the Moog. (I hope it has Moog ­Metallica.)


What's a list of strange music without Weird Al Yankovic? The FAQ page includes answers to burning questions such as Al's exact time of birth, height, weight, shoe size and cranium circumference ("larger-than-human"). Fans can also submit questions on the Ask Al page, but there are five questions which Yankovic will not answer. What are they? See for yourself.

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