Welcome Back: The Week Without Music

"Thought you were going to see music this week? Think again, bitch!"

Well, Rocks Off hopes everyone weathered Ike as best they could. We suppose you'll read this eventually as soon as power/Internet is restored to your neck of the woods. And as you no doubt have heard, the Houston Police Department has imposed a 9 p.m. curfew on the city until (at least) Saturday, which means any musical plans you may have had this week are pretty much shot to hell. Thanks, Ike!

However, we also know many of you may not be working for a while, and several daytime drinking establishments are picking themselves up off the canvas as we speak and plan to be open - Rocks Off knows of Under the Volcano and Warren's for sure, and is trying to raise Rudyard's on the horn, though no answer yet. Please list more in the comments - as well as any daytime shows that may be happening - and check back here on the regular for updates.

Here's the first one: Austin doom-metal warlords the Sword have canceled, but Meridian will be opening tonight at 6 p.m. "You can leave before curfew," they note. - Chris Gray

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