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Anna Laura Gonzalez, 29, known to the hip-hop world as LALA, makes her own luck - straight up and down. And if we're going to keep it real, straight up and down, she's really easy on the eyes. The beautiful Latina, born in Monterrey, Mex., and raised in H-Town, had a dream of having her own television show, so she went out and created a pilot for LALA's World, a once Internet-only program that gives viewers intimate and fun one-one-ones with Houston's most beloved hip-hop artists, as well as big stars that pass through our city. LALA pitched her pilot to Channel 55 and within days, they were all about it. LALA's World is now airing on Channel 55 on Wednesdays at 2:30 a.m. and on Saturdays on 12:30 a.m. Meet LALA. Travel into her world. Rocks Off: So you have to tell us about your very first interview? LALA: One of my first and favorite interviews was with Chingo Bling. It was fun. He had me laughing the whole time. He does great interviews, and it definitely made me feel comfortable because of his cool personality. RO: What's it like being a local celebrity? You're on television, interviewing the hip-hop artists we all love, being all hot and cute. Ever get asked for autographs? Ever get tired of the attention? LALA: Being a local celebrity is great. I have the best fans. I love what I do so I make sure I always deliver to the fullest. When I get asked for autographs, it's the best feeling ever inside. I feel like I've made people admire and look up to me and that's part of my goal. As far as the attention, it's great. What girl doesn't like it? But yeah, it does get old (laughs). RO: We saw that promo video of you in a Mexican bikini. Damn you. You're obviously proud of your heritage. Are you from Mexico, because you speak Spanish real well? Do you have love the country? LALA: I was born in Monterrey, Mex. I am very proud. Being Latina has given me lots of great opportunities and opened doors. I love my culture and it's definitely a race to be proud of. RO: Or be afraid of. How about the Arizona immigration law? Does that get your blood to boil like it does ours? LALA: That law is a joke. It's a little late to try to enforce it. Latinos come here to make a better life and support their family. Being a Latina, I'm obviously against it for many reasons. RO: Did you read the article we wrote on Big Cease? What's it like working with the man? Actually my homey, Lucky Luciano, told me about Cease. Working with Cease has been great. He works real hard and definitely can handle the challenge. When we first met, he was crunk about the show. Him being down was a blessing. I chose Big Cease to produce my show because I heard good things about him and I could sense his enthusiasm about the show. It was one of the best decisions I've made in a while. RO: There are aspects of hip-hop that degrade women on a pretty regular basis. How do you do your job and not feel like perhaps your servicing a music genre that disrespects your very gender? LALA: I really just look past it. To me, what these artists write about is what people want to hear regardless of what it may be about. I know what my job is and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Trust me, these interviews can get pretty interesting. RO: How did LALA's World come about? LALA: I've been doing modeling and television for about five years. One day I was just sitting here and thought to myself, "I want my own TV show," so I went for it. I called it LALA's World because it can contain so many different things, but music and entertainment are my favorite subjects. Once my trailer was done for Season 1, I pitched it to Channel 55. Within a couple of days I received an acceptance letter, which was the best feeling the world. My dream was finally going to become a reality.

RO: Are you Pro-Life or Pro-Choice?

LALA: Pro-Choice.

RO: From one hip-hop journalist to another, how is Rocks Off doing?

LALA: You guys are doing great. A+.

RO: Two last, very important questions. How do you maintain that banging body and do you got a man?

LALA: I work out almost every other day. I do a lot of cardio and weights and I eat anything and everything. I have a fast metabolism so I don't gain weight. I am single and I haven't been having luck with the fellas. I work a lot and I travel a couple of time a month so it's hard for guys to understand my schedule. I've been single for a while. Sometimes I do wish I had a boyfriend but I haven't met a guy that can keep my attention for longer than a week.

RO: We'll take a week. We're good with that.Follow LALA on Twitter, YouTube and MySpace. Rolando Rodriguez is the managing editor of RedBrownandBlue.com. Follow him on MySpace and Twitter, or befriend him on Facebook.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.