Wesley Willis

When he's not suggesting that you suck a caribou's bootyhole or some such, schizophrenic Chicago singer-songwriter Wesley Willis is usually right. Here are some of his views on various topics"People with mullets: "Take your ass to the barber shop / Tell the barber that you're sick of looking like an asshole." The Butcher of Baghdad: "Rock Saddam Hussein's Ass." Bushwick Bill: "You can really whip a camel's ass." Dave Grohl: "I like you fairly well." Alanis Morissette: "You are a singing hyena." A Greyhound trip from Chicago to Des Moines: "A six-hour profanity demon hellride." Mickey D's: "McDonald's hamburgers are the worst / they are much worse than Burger King." His amusing powers of perception are almost enough to take the edge off the guilt inherent in watching what amounts to a carnival freak show. On a sad note, Willis was recently diagnosed with leukemia; doctors say he's responding to treatment, but as with every touring artist, healthy or ailing, you never know when he'll be back.
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John Nova Lomax
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