Westheimer Block Party Listology: Paris Falls' Favorite, and Least Favorite, Musical Moments In the Movies

All this week, Rocks Off is previewing Saturday and Sunday's Westheimer Block Party by asking WBP performers to fill out a list from Lisa Nola's Music Listography book we're so fond of. It's not too late for your band to be up here, either; just email chris.gray@houstonpress.com by noon Thursday if you want to play. Next up, neo-classic rock family band Paris Falls' Ray Brown tells us what he likes and doesn't like about music in the movies.

The Circle Jerks' lounge version of "When the Shit Hits the Fan" (Repo Man): Emilio Estevez responds with, "I can't believe I used to like this band." I'm a huge Circle Jerks fan. The scene of them playing is in the background, and I guess an inside joke. You really have to watch. It also has Chuck Biscuits playing in it. He is on my top 5 drummers list. He never recorded with the Jerks, but ended up recording Danzig's first four albums.

The "Putting on the Ritz" dance scene(Young Frankenstein)

: The Frankenstein monster singing "Putting on the Ritz" is golden. I grew up watching this movie, which is by far Mel Brooks' greatest film.

"The Licorice Ride," sung at a sleazy bar(Mad Max)

: Despite Mel Gibson's recent shenanigans,

Mad Max

is a top 5 movie of mine. The song, which I assume is called "Licorice Ride," is sung by this creepy chick with a disco funk beat in the background. It seems to be a cop/biker bar and they seem to find her really hot. Since there are 98 percent dudes in this movie, you have to take what you can. Please, Hollywood, never,


remake this film.

John Grishom from TSOL hitting this dude in the head with the mike at a show(Suburbia)

: The punker in me still loves


. The director [Roger Corman] said almost every scene is something that really happened at one time. Which is kind of creepy. In a scene with TSOL, the singer is swinging the mike Roger Daltrey-style. It comes loose, and hits the main character in the head. Someone laughs, fight starts, show over.

Ernest singing "I'm Glad It's Raining"(Ernest Goes to Camp)

: Anyone from the '80s has got to love Ernest P. Worrell. I rushed to see

Ernest Goes to Camp

when it came out. As horrible as the song is, it's Ernest singing - give him a break.

Worst Moments:

All the Huey Lewis songs

(Back to the Future)

The "You're the Best Around" montage

(The Karate Kid)

Any Disney/Randy Newman song Tia Carrere singing "Ballroom Blitz"

(Wayne's World)

Ernest singing "I'm Glad It's Raining"

(Ernest Goes to Camp)Paris Falls performs at 7:30 p.m. Saturday, November 14, on the IndieHouston Stage at AvantGarden (parking lot), 411 Westheimer.

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