Westheimer Block Party Listology: The Live Lights Choose 10 Albums to Take Into Space

All this week, Rocks Off is previewing Saturday and Sunday's Westheimer Block Party by asking WBP performers to fill out a list from Lisa Nola's Music Listography book we're so fond of. It's not too late for your band to be up here, either; just email chris.gray@houstonpress.com by noon Thursday if you want to play. Next up, in a twist on the evergreen "Desert Island" meme, recent Artist of the Week the Live Lights choose ten albums they'd take with them should they ever leave the Earth's atmosphere. Sounds like they'll have a lot of Thom Yorke to keep them company. Victor Montemayor, Guitar

Radiohead, OK Computer: I love the way the album flows from start to finish. "No Surprises" is one of my all-time favorite Radiohead songs. Radiohead, Kid A: It has one of the best opening songs ("Everything In Its Right Place"), for me, on an album I've ever heard. Radiohead, In Rainbows: I really like how simple the songs are, yet it delivers so much.



The Beatles

("White Album"): You can't beat a double studio album by the Beatles.

Neil Young


After the Gold Rush

: When I was a lot younger, "Southern Man" woke me up early in the morning, and I had to know that was.




: It's my favorite Muse Album.

The Killers


Hot Fuss

: It's a very catchy album.

Led Zeppelin


Led Zeppelin IV (Zoso)

: It has such great classic Zep songs.



Turn on the Bright Lights

: I really like Paul's [singer Banks] voice.



A Ghost is Born

: My favorite Wilco album.

The Live Lights perform 12 p.m. Saturday, November 14, at Numbers (inside), 300 Westheimer.

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