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Westheimer Block Party Preview: Updates from Buxton, Guitars, Tambersauro, Muhamid Ali, Sew What and More

With the Westheimer Block Party coming up Saturday, Rocks Off put out an open call on Hands Up Houston asking any band or artist playing the festival to send him a brief email about what they've been up to lately. We'll be doing this all week, so keep 'em coming to [email protected].

Welfare Mothers: "Jackin' Off. We are playing at the secret show at Numbers upstairs!"

Buxton: "We're releasing a 7" probably in May, putting up the song "Feathers" tonight. We also just finished recording two songs for a compilation recorded by members of News on the March (Master Bedroom Studios) and released by ArtStorm. And we ordered 1,000 sparklers for the block party show at 8, it'll be fun." (8:05 p.m., Austin Layne Hotel Outside Stage)

Guitars: "We played SXSW last week, horrified progressive people at restaurants, fell off the stage, got a record deal, lost it, threw a hamburger in the street, did everything in the pool except swim in it. We are currently gearing up for our tour in April, and we have been very busy getting records and CDs ready for the Bock Party, etc." (6 p.m., Austin Layne Hotel Outside Stage)

Muhamid Ali: "Well we just got back from SXSW - played three shows and drank way to much beer!! We are super stoked to be on this year thanks guys for all the hard work!!!" (8:15 p.m., Mango's)

Lenny Briscoe: "Hi, my name is Neil. I play bass in Lenny Briscoe. I moved to Nashville three weeks ago, but I am flying in for the weekend to play the show. We played last year and from what I can remember, it was a totallll blast! So I just hadda do it again this year. See ya there." (5:20 p.m., Austin Layne Hotel Outside Stage)

Tambersauro: "Writing/recording for new LP due in August. Booking East Coast/Midwest tour to support same." (12:45 p.m., Indiehouston.org Stage, Avant Garden)

Narreme: "Finished a Tambersauro remix & Austin shows vs. Warbler. Writing & fixing to record." (Guerilla set, "on the street somewhere")

Sew What: "We've got a bunch of new songs, some different instruments, and we are working on a new album, The Death of the Landline."
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