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Westheimer Block Party Preview: Updates from Woozyhelmet, Hell City Kings, Gold Sounds, Heptic Skeptic and More

Woozyhelmet: "Woozyhelmet is one word. We've been spreading the love of our new album, Get Down, for the last several months and are working on a follow-up EP that will only feature Brandi singing with the working title "Crop Brandi Out." It may end up being a 7" on Soda Pop Sounds. Jay recently got his amp fixed and it sounds awesome." (6:45 p.m., KTRU Stage, Numbers parking lot)

Hell City Kings: "We are finishing up our LP & split LP with Whorehound (both vinyl only) due out this summer. Also, I think we are going to be blowing up pyro at our WBP show. Just thought you should know." (3:45 p.m., Mango's inside stage, 403 Westheimer)

Small Sounds: "We've been playing an excessive amount of Liar's Dice and watching Hawaii 5-0 re-runs - oh yeah, and working up new material for the next album (to be recorded in '09)." (6 p.m., KTRU Stage, Numbers parking lot) 


Gold Sounds: "We recorded our first full-length album Seismic Love in Austin during mid-January. We stayed home during SXSW, but we are working on mixing and mastering the album to get it sounding right. Should be out in May. Later on we hope to have a 7" out as well as a music video that we have been filming on a super-8 camera on and off for two years. We are also bulking up so we sound heavier for the Block Party. Can't wait!" (7:20 p.m., Mango's inside stage, 403 Westheimer)

News on the March: "We're still in wind-down mode from SXSW, but our plate has never been more full. We're releasing a 7" split with the Eastern Sea on April 18th at Walter's, and Joe is recording a compilation of Houston Bands that ArtStorm is hoping to release in May." (8:15 p.m., Helios downstairs stage, Avant Garden)

Heptic Skeptic: "We are among the many still recovering from SXSW.We are proud to say that we will be squeezing an EP out of our ass sometime soon.Until then, our next show after the Block Party will be in San Antonio!" (1:20 p.m. City of Montrose Stage, 203 Westheimer)


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