What Are The Two Best Rap Songs Of The Year?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday Rocks Off will have some of them hear discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Bun B, Chuckway, Preemo, Fat Tony, LeS, Killa Kyleon, Scooby, hasHBrown, Propain, Rob G The General, Young Sensation

Not Invited: Ricky Ross, for taking that swipe at Slim Thug.

This Week's Prompt: This is actually a subject that we get a lot of emails about, so we figured we'd put it you all: Thus far, what do you feel are the two best rap songs of the year? (And you're not allowed to pick any of your own music.) Is it something from Big Boi's excellent Sir Lucious Left Foot, or maybe that new Cee-Lo song, or Ricky Ross's "BMF" or - gasp - something Drake had his hands on?

Or is it something a Houston rapper did, like Paul Wall's "Smoke Everyday," Bun's joint with DJ Premier, Trae's "Tear," J-Dawg's "First 48," Fat Tony's "Like, Hell Yeah" or something else?

Extra credit if you explain why. And you're off...

Bun B: "The Day" by CurreSy and "Right Now" by @BunBTrillOG. (Yeah, I went there.)

Chuckway: "First 48" [by J-Dawg] because it's not a dance song.

Fat Tony: I must say, Young Jeezy feat. Plies' "Lose My Mind" is my favorite rap song of the year. All three verses are entertaining, witty and quotable: "Tell me what's the chance of Jizzle fucking both of y'all/ Long as we can do it with your ice on/ If that's the case we might as well leave the lights on..." plus "Ol' broke ass nigga stop cock blocking!" plus "You wouldn't understand, it's a Black thang" plus "You know we drink that Rose 'til we black out/ Wake up, drink some more and pass back out."

I love the production and chorus too. The message of "Why y'all trippin'?/ I'm just fine" speaks volumes to me about keeping your P.M.A. (positive mental attitude) and ignoring other's negative energy and actions. I even love the delay/echo-esque ad-libs on the chorus that Jeezy does: "This shit cray-crazy... Rose bay-baby." The police are problems and white girls are fun.

My second favorite rap song of the year would be "Pretty Boy Swag" (Remix) by Soulja Boy feat. Gucci Mane. Gucci Mane slaughters the opening verse with an everlasting flow.

The whole song has a feel-good nature that works as well as "Lose My Mind" at a club or hanging out with a few girls drinking in the privacy of my home or when I'm alone. A homegirl of mine would like to chime in and say "Pretty Boy Swag" is her summer anthem.

I also really liked "Show Me a Good Time" by Drake and "Hotel" by Travis Porter from their Proud 2 Be a Problem mixtape. My song "Like, Hell Yeah" was a great too and should have [won] best song in the Houston Press Music Awards:

Her name was Chantelle, had her up on the mantel/ And if her man tell me shit, oh well/ I'm aware, dude, that I had her in the nude/ But if she was down for you then she wouldn't be down to Screw/ Like a grey tape, she was like the Great Lakes/ Flipped her like a pancake, stirred her like a damn shake/ Like an earthquake, shit was falling everywhere/ Woke up with no underwear/ Under where?/ Under there.

Come on.

Preemo: Bun B's "Let 'Em Know." Just classic shit. You can feel the emotion in that shit. That hook, Bun's verses, even the mix on it is perfect. Goosebump shit.

[Also] Drake's "Over." Again, you can feel the emotion in that shit. I didn't need to see the video to see this shit. That beat is incredible. He killed his verses with real shit too.

LeS: Bun B's "Let 'Em Know" and CurreSy's "King Kong."

Killa Kyleon: Waka's "Oh Let's Do It" and "BMF." They were literally killing the streets this year all over.

Scooby: J-Dawg's "First 48" and Bun B's "Trillionaire." We [J-Dawg] rap about the same shit and the title "First 48" is genius 'cause the TV show is on TV so you can't forget. Bun B's track is the other best song of the year; it's a hit. It's Bun and it's on the best album of the year.

hasHBrown: "BMF" by Rick Ross and "Exhibit C" by Jay Electronica.

Propain: "Children of the World" by Big K.R.I.T. and "Tears of Joy" by Rick Ross.

Rob G The General: Bun B's "Lights, Camera, Action" and B.o.B.'s "Airplanes Pt. 2" feat. Eminem.

Young Sensation: [J-Dawg's] "First 48" and Bun B's "Trillionaire."

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