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What Is Houston Rap's Best Diss Song Ever?

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Fat Tony: The very best Houstonian "diss" came from "The Chronicles of Pimp C" from Ozone magazine, particularly the first article where he went the fuck off on Lil Troy's argyle wearing Pharrell-esque attire, Ne-Yo's glossy lips, Russell Simmons' dildo-in-the-booty fetish and more.

No other rapper-penned article will ever match that shit. I still die laughing while reading it. A really good actual diss record is UGK's "Murder." Bun B didn't seem too happy with someone on his verse.

Rap Round Table: Ah, yes. You're referring to the infamous "Marcus," right?

FT: Yes.

RRT: That's a common mistake. What Bun is actually saying is "mark ass," not "Marcus."

Renzo: The best diss song I have ever heard from a Houston rapper had to be the one that Slim Thug did to Lil Mario. It wasn't a speculation diss of any sort, and was filled with personal information that couldn't be denied by anybody that knew either of them.

He talked about how his sister went with him to the bank to make deposits. I hated what it did for the north side, but I would be lying if I wasn't enjoying listening to somebody get roasted like that. I'm sure they are both over it by now though. Other than that, I would say Willie D, Pimp C, Z-Ro, Slim Thug, and Scarface are the best dissers in Houston due to how direct they are when they get started. (Listen here.)

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