What the F Is F.D.R.?: Two Minutes With Hollywood FLOSS

What the F Is F.D.R.?: Two Minutes With Hollywood FLOSS

Beginning last week, Rocks Off started receiving emails about something called "F.D.R." Beyond that it involved a person and/or people saying words that possibly rhymed, the details were sparse. But after some mega-sleuthing (sending a few text messages), we've gathered the details.

F.D.R. is a collaboration project between rappers Hollywood FLOSS, D-Risha and Rob Jay. They will be releasing an EP called The Inauguration soon. We borrowed a few moments from the most visible of the three, FLOSS, to get some more information.

Rocks Off: What is F.D.R.?

Hollywood FLOSS: F.D.R. is acronym for FLOSS, D-Risha and Rob Jay.

RO: And why is there an acronym for FLOSS, D-Risha and Rob Jay?

HWF: We collaborated for an EP. Everybody respected each other's music so we got together. Actually, it was just me and D-Risha when we started. I decided to throw Rob on there to add something to it. He's the best lyricist in the city, people just don't get him. He reads too many books [laughs].

RO: Why this particular group of rappers? Because you wanted it to spell out F.D.R.?

HWF: You know, it was funny because you D-Risha has the "Fuck D-Risha"* thing and that spells out F.D.R. too so he already got the campaign going. But it just came together like that.

*"Fuck D-Risha" is a song that D-Risha has. In it, there is a call-and-response section where he shouts, "Fuck D-Risha!" and the crowd repeats it back to him.

RO: Why didn't you get together with UZOY, C. Stone and Kritikal? Then you all could've been F.U.C.K.

HWF: You all put it out there. I'll make the beat. We can do a song.

RO: What will F.D.R. sound like?

HWF: Well, there are some in-your-face lyrics. And we sample F.D.R. on it. And there's one song that mentions the Houston Press. It's a song about the struggle of being an underground rapper.

RO: How many songs are on the EP?

HWF: Four.

RO: This Rob Jay fellow, not a lot has been said about him. Where can someone go or what can someone listen to if they want to hear a representation of what he's capable of doing.

HWF: He has an EP he did last year called The Legend Continues. There's one song he has called "Java Script Flow" that -- I don't know what he was on when he made it. It's crazy. It's on YouTube [above].

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