"What Up": Drake And Bun B Summon The Spirit Of Pimp C

If you woke up this morning wishing for a Pimp C/Drake collaboration, then consider this your lucky day. You should also go ahead and play the mega-lottery while you're at it.

Why, yes, the paths of Chad Butler and Aubrey Graham have finally crossed on "What Up," the lead cut from Pimp's forthcoming LP The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones that leaked to the Internet earlier today - by Bun B himself as a celebration of accumulating 50,000 Twitter followers, as it turns out.

In his signature raw and uncompromising style, Pimp C warns against the power of punani, his voice glistening against the backdrop of Boi-1da's dense instrumentation.

While Bun and Drizzy hold their own, the real star of "What Up" is Boi-1da. He concocts one hell of a snake charmer, softly subtracting and adding elements to suit different parts of the song.

Besides, any song that drops a reference to Donuts or J Dilla gets major points in our book.

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