What's New In The Houston Scene Since You Were Here Last

Imagine that you have been frozen since September, or at least the beginning of the fall college semester. Or maybe you are an adult coming back to Houston to visit the folks, return Christmas presents, see friends and make bad decisions with people you forgot existed. Like that girl you worked with for a few years, but who always had a shithead boyfriend.

You more than likely have this Wednesday through next Sunday to hang in Houston and the suburbs before you have to go back to stupid real life full of teachers, bosses, live-in girlfriends and parole-officer visits. Rocks Off has a handy checklist for you to run through while you are here, so you can go back home and tell everyone how much their city sucks compared to Houston.

Did you know that other cities can't claim ZZ Top as their own? Isn't that messed up?


Barcadia, next door to Reef and 3rd Bar, is a grown man-child's paradise. Booze, food, cute bartenders, skee-ball, and a few dozen vintage arcade games are the order of the day. Tuesdays you can play for free, including the Ted Nugent pinball machine. We will beat you at Street Fighter II.

Washington Avenue Is Getting Better

You may have scoffed at the 77007 a few months back, but now it's getting a little better. Walter's is happily still open, and the bars are getting worn in. The newness is wearing off the avenue, so it's not as balls-to-the-wall busy as it once was. Check out Liberty Station on the east side of the avenue, a few doors down from Dark Horse Tavern and Sawyer Park.

Grand Prize

Imagine if Big Star and Poison Girl had a baby, and you have Grand Prize Bar, which was named Best New Bar in this year's Best Of Houston awards. If you like expertly made drinks, Ke$ha, and even Motorhead, you will love GPB.

Vinyl Junkie

Buy some punk and hardcore vinyl at this new East Downtown record store, which also sporadically has small in-store bills. Thursday, you can catch Chemistry, Cast Away, Gain for free. And after the show, if you have money left after buying rekkids...

Moon Tower Inn

Eat a gourmet hot dog and drink a beer, over at Moon Tower Inn, another new find in EaDo. Rocks Off loves hot dogs and beer with a passion. It makes us feel like Babe Ruth, but without the racism. They have boutique beers on tap, plus an array of hot dogs made of rabbit, deer, and duck. Just check out this review from Eating Our Words.

(New) Fitzgerald's

Since you left, Omar Afra and the Pegstar folks bought your old favorite punk rock venue in town and turned back the clock on it. Now you can catch Robert Ellis & The Boys on Wednesdays, a reggae night on Tuesdays, and all manner of indie, pop-rock, and metal the rest of the time. The annual 30 Foot Fall Christmas Night show is still on, too. Have fun trying to park, though.

Rudyard's Show On Christmas Night

You have may have missed the new build-out over at Rudz since you left. They opened up the downstairs section, expanding it to include more seating, plus more darts and pool. Christmas night, The Energy and Weird Party headline a free show in this area as well.


You won't be seeing any shows at the Meridian, so get that idea out of your head. It's a long, stupid story involving shady owners, and a pissed-off David Allan Coe.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.