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What's New In The Houston Scene Since You Were Here Last

Imagine that you have been frozen since September, or at least the beginning of the fall college semester. Or maybe you are an adult coming back to Houston to visit the folks, return Christmas presents, see friends and make bad decisions with people you forgot existed. Like that girl you worked with for a few years, but who always had a shithead boyfriend.

You more than likely have this Wednesday through next Sunday to hang in Houston and the suburbs before you have to go back to stupid real life full of teachers, bosses, live-in girlfriends and parole-officer visits. Rocks Off has a handy checklist for you to run through while you are here, so you can go back home and tell everyone how much their city sucks compared to Houston.

Did you know that other cities can't claim ZZ Top as their own? Isn't that messed up?

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Craig Hlavaty
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