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What's The Worst Tattoo You've Ever Seen?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday (or thereabouts) that isn't a national holiday, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Delo, Killa Kyleon, Jack Freeman, Renzo, Thurogood Wordsmith, Young Sensation

Not Invited: Gucci Mane

This Week's Prompt: In honor of the recent Gucci Mane ice cream travesty*, what is the worst tattoo that you have or have seen?

*If you somehow managed to miss it, Gucci Mane, the same Gucci Mane who was admitted to a mental-health facility, convinced himself it would be a good idea to get a large tattoo of an ice-cream cone on his face. As if that weren't enough, he made sure to get lightning bolts shooting out of the cone, because when people think ice cream, they think lightning bolts.

Delo: A man's penis across a woman's breast squirting out sperm. Sorry, tried to keep it clean.

Killa Kyleon: Has to be every single tattoo on @lmaotwitpics.

Yung Redd: A chick had my name tatted on her; looked like a prison tat [laughs].

Jack Freeman: A girl had her Twitter name across her chest. With the "@" and the bird. It stretched from shoulder to shoulder.

Renzo: I got a set of middle fingers on my back that are a tribute to they way I feel about being a follower. I think everyone should have one just like it. However, the dumbest tattoo I've seen belongs to a young relative of mine. It was a tattoo of his at-the-time girlfriend's name on his arm.

I think that kinda girlfriend/boyfriend love is for stalkers and people who don't have much to live for. So I don't trust em. And no one should. Especially since when y'all break up, and you will break up, you gotta reflect on the person to everybody you meet, even if you find out later that you weren't in love. (Which is what happened to my young relative, by the way.)

If you are married, I would still try to talk you out of getting her name on you, just in case she is fucking the mailman and you gotta drop her back off to her parents.

Thurogood Wordsmith: The worst tattoo? A neck tattoo that says, "All Eyez On Me." And the fact that this chick was utterly fat and disgusting didn't help.

Young Sensation: I ain't got no tattoos, and the worst one I seen was a World Star Hip Hop** tattoo.

**World Star Hip Hop is a hip-hop Web site. It is not tattoo-worthy.

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