When Animals (And Tornados) Attack: Touring Edition

Touring bands generally have to cope with enough grief on the road without worrying about something swooping down on them out of the sky, be it a whopping tornado or errant oversized bird. But both of those things managed to happen last weekend. While traveling to a gig in Memphis, Vicksburg, Miss.-based alt-rockers Burning Windsor drove straight into the belt of tornadoes that touched down in central Mississippi this past Saturday, killing 10 and leaving much of the Delta country that has produced many of America's finest blues musicians in shambles. The band members managed to escape serious injury - as you can see above, their gear wasn't quite as lucky - and, amazingly, even managed to play their scheduled gig. Meanwhile, Houston's own Wild Moccasins had to scratch the last two dates of their just-concluded tour, including the Norman Music Festival in Oklahoma, when a good-sized bird (reportedly a swan of some sort) took out an entire side window of their van in Iowa. The band was able to make it home in time to play iFest Sunday, and posted several bloody pictures on their Twitter account. We've got one for you after the jump... Rocks Off just hopes you haven't eaten lunch yet.

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