When Gravity Attacks: 13 Memorable Onstage Stumbles

Concert performances and award shows can sometimes really put the pressure on artists, who often get so nervous or excited that they may just faceplant the stage. We've complied you tube clips of some of the best mid-performance stumbles. Some are a little shocking, but they are all amusing in the end

13. Wiz Khalifa: While performing in Boston last year, Wiz lifts his shirt to flex for the ladies. At the 0:17 mark, he takes a tumble and roll. He was pretty good at getting back on his feet as if the fall was apart of his act.

12. Lady Gaga: Gaga performs her hit "Poker Face" in Montreal and lands on her ass. This clip has a hilarious slow-motion replay as she contemplates getting off the floor. Houston Little Monsters who went to Gaga's Toyota Center show in April will remember her spill during "You and I" as well.

11. Jennifer Lopez: During her comeback performance of her song "Louboutins" at the 2009 American Music Awards, J. Lo climbs a ladder of men and falls flat on her butt. She jumps right back into her dance breakdown as if it never happened.

10. Drake: As if we don't poke fun at Drake enough, while performing with a slightly injured leg, he went down during a performance of "Best I Ever Had" in New Jersey. An entire entourage carried Drizzy off stage, and Lil Wayne made it even funnier with his reaction to the fall: "This nigga really got a bad leg - I thought that shit was only on the TV show."

9. Lil Wayne: Weezy gets karma for his standup comedy about Drake's fall. At his Chicago performance of "Pop Bottles" Wayne runs before he takes a slide, slip and fall. He keeps his shades on as he effortlessly laughs it off and gets back to the show.

8. Michelle Williams, Destiny's Child: This is an oldie but goodie. During their 2004 performance of "Soldier" on BET's 106 & Park, the group steps onstage arm in arm until Michelle falls, with the mike making a loud thud. After the fall, Kelly Rowland takes a quick glance at Michelle on the floor and keeps performing.

7. Beyonce: With all the intense choreography Beyonce does, she's bound to slip up a few times and get back into the groove without anyone noticing. This time was a bit different. While performing "Ring the Alarm" in Orlando, B tumbles down a flight of stairs onstage.

6. Rick Ross: At a show in Germany, Ricky Rozay slips and nearly falls off stage, which would not have worked out well for the people beneath him. Luckily, he only fell with no serious injury, but it almost took three members of Triple C's to help him up.

5. Kanye West: If you have ever been to a Kanye West show, you would know how upset he gets when shit doesn't go his way. At his performance of "All Of the Lights" in Norway, West takes a fall that almost looks like a dive he actually meant to pull off. West doesn't get up immediately as he reflects on his fall for a few seconds.

4. Katy Perry: After flopping into a huge cake to end her performance of "I Kissed a Girl," Katy Perry falls in the worst way. Her guitarist tries to help but she slips over and over on the excess cake icing. Perry tries to keep herself from slipping but to no avail she gives up and crawls shamefully off the stage.

3. Demi Lovato: Ms. Lovato falls down the stairs onstage with grace, revealing that she is human by laughing at herself afterward. Lovato continues the performance, but it's always a good thing to be able to laugh at yourself after you topple over in front of thousands.

2. Method Man: Method Man feels a little too amped during a show in London. While performing "M.E.T.H.O.D. Man," he climbs on top of the speakers in hopes the audience is down to catch him in a stage dive. Unfortunately the audience doesn't get the memo.

1. Rihanna: A clumsy Rihanna goes down while performing "What's My Name." She continues her note on her knees before getting up with a shrug, as if someone moved the floor and caused her to trip.

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