When Little Sisters Attack: Solange Sounds Off

Houston’s own Solange Knowles has some choice words for the music industry. I’m not sure if I can repeat them verbatim, but here’s a hint: Pick up your hand, raise your middle finger, and wave it around.

On her personal blog, The Hadley Street Journal, Solange vents about her frustrations with the music industry, then drops a link to a track entitled, “F*@k The Industry (Signed Sincerely).” The obviously mild-mannered composition lifts from Kanye’s “Everything I Am,” and features the would-be heir to Ray-J’s siblin-stardom throne uttering lines like, “I’ll never be picture perfect like Beyonce.” Check it out below.

Speaking of Beyonce, maybe you really shouldn’t. It seems to really irk her sister.

If looks could kill, that poor British interviewer who repeatedly calls Solange “Beyonce’s little sister” would be dead six times over. As for the industry kiss-off, you can download the track from Solange's blog as well. Hopefully, she'll record an ode to nepotism in the near future. - Michael Arceneaux

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