When Rock Stars And Movie Stars Reproduce: Five Offspring Bands

No, these aren't Offspring cover bands, which would be gross, since Offspring sucks pretty badly on their own. They aren't as cool as we thought they were in 1994. No, let's talk about what happens when famous folks let their children loose to be rock stars. Some fall while others find fame in their own right, like Laurence Fishburne's daughter.

Tonight at McGonigel's Mucky Duck, the Jane Carrey Band pulls into town to open up for Mat Kearney. The daughter of comedy titan Jim Carrey and his first wife Melissa Womer, Ms. Carrey's band falls somewhere in between Rilo Kiley and Carole King, with a dash of twang.

Meanwhile, on August 28, Meat Loaf's stepdaughter, Pearl Aday, opens for her stepdad at his House of Blues gig with her solo project Pearl. Her band features her husband, Anthrax's Scott Ian, on guitar. The pair will also be at Cactus Music that afternoon at 3 p.m. for an in-store performance.

With all the celebrity babies being born to rock-star families, this phenomenon shows no signs of ever stopping. It's probably only a matter of years before Gavin Rossdale and Gwen Stefani's kids start singing, and don't count out the Spears boys having a rap-rock project with their dad K-Fed driving the bus for them on the Juggalo Circuit.

Nelson: Rick Nelson's kids, Matt and Gunnar, struck out on their own in the '80s in their own eponymous twin-rock duo. They weren't as successful as their pop was, but did have a string of hit singles in the early '90s. And they had a lot of blonde hair, which they don't now.

Lisa Marie Presley: You can't feel all that bad for Lisa Marie Presley's failure with her music career. It must suck to be the heir to a multi-million dollar estate. If we had Elvis money we would probably walk around paying people to punch themselves and walk naked into churches.

Kelly Osbourne: In the middle of her family's hit TV show, Kelly Osbourne or whoever in charge of making the money decided that she should be a pop star to milk more cash from the Osbourne flock. Like a brattier Avril Lavigne with tattoos or a rich Poly Styrene, her music was significantly enhanced live and in the studio by members of Houston's own Pure Rubbish. Her albums weren't bad, they just got lost in the mix of all the other pop kids trying to put out their shingles too.

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Eyes Of Noctum: We like Nicolas Cage just fine. Come on, who doesn't like an actor who can do something like this? His son Weston "Arcane" Coppola Cage on the other hand has a quasi-black metal band called Eyes Of Noctum. It's evil alright, but being an very amateur black metal fan, it's not evil enough. You can almost here Michael Bay money running through the music like a river.

Idiot Box: Idiot Box is the brainchild of Kevin Bacon's son Travis. We know nothing about this band, other than Travis' dad can be linked to Ozzy Osbourne with six degrees.

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