Where Are We A.C. Slatering Peeing?

Oh Hell, the bar that houses this restroom has been a godsend these past two weeks. The bar itself, not the restroom, that is. Our internal plumbing is fine; besides, we are choosy as to where we A.C. Slater* anyway, what with all the diseases running rampant on the avenue where this bar is located.

* See below for more Saved By the Bell-related scatological slang.

[jump] Aside from the restroom's perverse and strangely political graffiti, we also enjoy this bar's heavy pour and its dark lighting. We are getting kind of sick of the usual well-lit bars around town. We prefer to not see our prey in the light until the next morning.

According to UrbanDictionary.com, thanks to the online exploits of SBTB actor Dustin Diamond, "Screech" is now an acceptable synonym for "Dirty Sanchez."

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Craig Hlavaty
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