Where Are We Blasting Rails Peeing?

We were just as confused by this weird windowless windowpane as anyone else would be when we dodged the 30K millionaires to relieve ourselves at this Washington Avenue hotspot. If we were immature we would make a remark about the ledge being for illicit powdery substance intake, but we won't go there. Maybe at one time it was supposed to be a window to a bartender so you could put in a drink order while taking a leak.

But more than likely, it's just a place to put your whiskey and soda while you undo your $300 jeans to get the lead out. If you know what bar this restroom is located in, then we apologize for not enough coverage of the last BuzzFest. Excuse us while we hit on this chick that looks like Kim Kardashian.

She looks good to go, brah.

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