Where Are We Peeing Between Karaoke Rounds?

This two-story Montrose bar is ground zero on Friday nights to sing your heart out, for better or worse. The club's weekly karaoke shindig is one of the most drunk and lively in the city. Astute Houston drinkers should have already guessed where we are this week, but even so, the story that unfolded the night we visited still bears reading. No doubt you have all been the party to shenanigans such as these. "Dude, why are you peeing in the sink?" we ask our friend as we line up to the toilet in the men's room at this week's bar. "I hafta go!" our friend says as he befouls the hand-washing basin with his kidney-filtered liquid. "You know, I'm doing that Where Are We Peeing thing tonight for the blog, right" we counter as we zip up our jorts. Yes, jorts. What? It was warm outside that day. "What's that? You mean the thing where you take a picture of the toilet in a bar each week? Oh shit..." he says as he uses both sink settings to remove all odorous traces before zipping up his jeans. "Yeah, so you peeing in the sink will probably more than likely be on the blog in a few days." we say as we search for hand sanitizer in lieu of the now-desecrated sink. "Do I get paid or anything?" he asks as we finally bite the proverbial bullet and use the pee-laden sink to wash our hands. "No sir, you do not."

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