Where Are We Peeing Next To A Giant Hole?

WAWP has no regard for his health or well-being. We have no children, nor do we have a ball and chain cooking for us or telling us when to say when. The only creed we live by is "How much this will cost us? and "Will it hinder us making it to work on time the next day?" The rest we can handle with the pack of Cottonelle wipes and can of Axe in our back seat. But we have never been so obliterated that we kicked a hole in a bathroom wall like we saw at this week's bar. Its one thing to bust a beer bottle in the toilet (guilty), bust a beer can on your head (very guilty), or puked until you pass out (sorry, Lisa), but it's another karate kick into a wall. One that looks to be load-bearing at that. Maybe it's just us, but whoever did this was disturbed. We have seen stranger things in bar bathroom along our travels, but somehow this chilled us to the bone. You just know that the man who did this fractured something. Probably his soul.

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