Where Have All Our Heroes Gone?: The Four Saddest Fallen Idols of Our Generation

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3. Morrissey

It's exceedingly difficult for me to criticize Moz because I'm a biased party. He was and to a certain extent still is this for me. But he's done enough utterly ridiculous things in the last several years to land him squarely on this list. It may only be to an extent for me, but for many, Moz defines the label "fallen idol."

For the past several years, he's been intent on being a complete douche about everything under the sun, when he's not being a drama queen, from his extremist vegetarianism to his racist views of Chinese people spawned from his extremist vegetarianism, to the insane things he brags about turning down for one measly Smiths reunion (only requiring him to play with Johnny Marr, leaving out the others), to his relentlessly pretentious essays criticizing whomsoever he believes deserving of the wrath of his pen this week.

None of this should come as a surprise, of course. This is Morrissey we're talking about. He's been this way for as long as he's been alive. But he's over 50 now and it's much less endearing with each passing year. As he ages, it stinks more of the pathetic.

As his fans age, the wool falls from their eyes and they increasingly see a willfully unhappy man who lives a life where there's very little for him to complain about. And it may be funny for those of us willing to flap a hand and say, "Oh, Moz," but there's a certain element of sadness to it as well.

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Corey Deiterman