Where Have All Our Heroes Gone?: The Four Saddest Fallen Idols of Our Generation

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2. Dave Mustaine

Nobody else here has made so startling a change here as Mustaine. Mostly, those on this list have always been the way they've been, with the world itself or fans' perceptions the things changing. But Mustaine has transformed into a completely different person. It's disheartening really. It's like looking at those pictures tracking the steady decline of a meth addict, which, considering Mustaine has battled addiction in the past, probably isn't too far from the truth. He started off as an intelligent, well-spoken, and rocking dude who pretty much all metalheads looked up to, either in his time as the leader of their generation or in his later years as a sainted elder.

But Mustaine has apparently made it his life's goal to completely trash his reputation in a way unfamiliar to even Billy Corgan in its depths of depravity. Once known for penning articulate political anthems and covering the Democratic National Convention for MTV in 1992, now Mustaine spends his time being a complete and utter nutjob. Let's recap.

He's a birther and NWO believer, he believes President Obama operates FEMA death camps, he believes President Obama arranges for the deaths of American citizens to boost his poll numbers, he's a regular on the Alex Jones radio show, and he supported Rick Santorum for President for being ""kind of like a JFK kind of guy".

Aside from his deranged political statements, he also likes to constantly waffle on his relationship with Metallica, one day begging them to do a supergroup with him and the next saying he hates their guts. He's a lunatic, essentially, and it often makes it hard to even listen to his old music.

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