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Which Houston Rapper Bet "Whatever" On the NBA Finals?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Each week, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Mac, Mug, Killa Kyleon, TroubleSum, Propain, hasHBrown, Yung Truth, O.N.E., Chingo Bling, more.

Not Invited: Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley

This Week's Prompt: Well, here it is. The NBA Finals start tonight. Predictions: Who wins? How many games will it take? Which player wins MVP? And what is the most startling LeBron story line to develop over the course of the series?

Mac: OKC in 7, only if Miami role players like Battier and Miller* don't step up.

*I searched and searched and searched. Still, I couldn't find any reports to confirm that Mike Miller had died in a car accident two years ago and that his ghost has been playing in the playoffs.

C. Stone: I've had my money on OKC since the All-Star break. Kevin Durant wins MVP, of course. And I say it goes 4-2, in favor of OKC in close games.

Mug: I say OKC, but it might go the whole seven games. Durant [wins] MVP and LeBron's hairline will stay a topic of discussion.

Yung Truth: OKC in six games, Durant is the MVP and the storyline is that Bron Bron STILL ain't got a ring.

Renzo: Dylan, Dylan, Dylan, Dylan and Dylan. Music is my sport. I don't care about basketball.

Chingo Bling: The Rockets will sweep them all with Olajuwon's help.

Show: OKC in five. MVP: Durant. LeBron story: How much of a bald spot can a headband conceal?

Propain: I seriously can't predict a winner. If I HAD to pick, I'm going with OKC in seven. Durant [wins] MVP. It's all on LeBron though. He dictates it all.

Mic Skills: OKC wins in six. Durant is the MVP. Upon losing, LeBron reminds us that the Heat are back to back Eastern Conference champs.

O.N.E.: Well, now I know OKC is in the mix -I don't know. I'll say OKC in six, MVP is Durant. Storyline: Will Spoelstra stay in Miami*?

*If Miami loses, Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has a better chance growing a tail than he does keeping his job.

TroubleSum: Predictions: Win: Thunder [in] four. MVP: Kevin Durant. Most startling LeBron storyline: LeBron James is still ringless.

hasHBrown: OKC in six, Durant Finals MVP, LeBron runs off the court in shame to go cry in the car.

D-Risha: Heat in six. I think LeBron will "will" the Heat to victory and hit clutch shots.

Killa Kyleon: Heat, 4-2. LeBron [is] Finals MVP. And I'm betting whatever.

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