Which Houston Rappers Deserve Their Own Streets?

The hip-hop world is a less than sensible place - lots of times, you're even required to clarify when bad means bad and when bad means good - so once a week we're going to get with a rapper and ask them to explain things. Have something you always wanted to ask a rapper? Email sheaserrano@gmail.com.

This Week's Rapper: Authentic Snoopy

This Week's Subject(s): Naming local streets after Houston rappers

Ask A Rapper: The question here is three-pronged: Which six Houston rappers deserve to have streets in town named after them, why do they deserve it, and where would those streets be? Got it? Cool.

Authentic Snoopy: First off, I'm an avid listener of the late Big Pun and could understand the push by his people to get him recognized in such a way. But when it comes to Houston artists, I'm honored to be able to give my two cents on such a topic. Scrutiny is somewhat expected due to other artist opinions. My list is in no certain order.

Authentic Snoopy, "What's Good"

1. Scarface: He single-handedly put Houston on the map in the rap game during a time where Tupac and B.I.G. had the world focused only on the East and West Coast. With the Almighty J. Prince powering his movement, he opened the doors to the hip-hop scene in the city.

Street: MLK & Scarface Blvd (by Timmy Chan's).

2. Fat Pat: He has songs that we still jam today and gave Houston that funk feeling that mixed well with our slowed down style, i.e. "Tops Drop." He was ahead of his time and his loss was a major injury to our hip-hop scene.

Street: Running Parallel with Big Hawk St.* in 3rd Ward.

*This will make sense in two minutes.

3. Pimp C: A part of the nationwide respected duo of UGK, he came in as a pimp, stayed a pimp, and went out as a pimp; nigga was true to himself and had an unmatched style, fa real. RIP Pimp C.

Street: First street after crossing into Port A. Ed. Note: Port Arthur, not Port Aransas.

4. Big Hawk: Just like his aforementioned brother (Fat Pat), he was far before his time, apart of the LEGENDARY S.U.C., and under DJ Screw's guidance flourished into a major staple in the city. Big Hawk is also missed and had a jam no one could resist in ("Chillin with my Broad").

Street: Running parallel with Fat Pat St.* in Third Ward.

*Told you.

5. Lil Keke: As an independent artist, I believe the only matched success record-sales-wise is E.S.G. (I think), and he has the anthem of the Southside of any city, state, country, hood, park, whatever.

Street: MLK and Bellfort right by the Walgreen's where the slabs meet*.

*This is a brilliant selection.

6. DJ Screw: Not an artist, but last but not least, hands down, one of the most respected DJs ever. [He] created an actual style of music that we are still known for to this day. Started off Z-Ro, Hawk, Pat, Al D, Big Moe, and others. So, artist or not, he deserves such an accolade.

Street: Two streets, one right off 610 by the Screw Tape Shop, and another downtown in the heart of the city.

Honorable Mention: Z-Ro. Grew up on his music, most versatile artist out the city, period.

Street: Anywhere in Mo City*.

*Little-known fact: Rother already has a street named after him. It's located on the Southside of the Seventh Circle of Hell.

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