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Which Houston Rappers Guessed Sunday's Super Bowl Score?

Some rappers happen to be thoughtful, intelligent people. Every Monday that isn't a national holiday, Rocks Off will have some of them here discussing issues relevant to their culture.

This Week's Panel: Bun B, Z-Ro, Lil Flip, Michael "5000" Watts, Riquo Jones, Kyle Hubbard, Delo, Doughbeezy, KAB, Jack Freeman, Dante Higgins and more

Not Invited: Brett Favre. Or his penis.

This Week's Prompt: Prior to Super Bowl XLV - they played it yesterday; you may have heard about it - Rocks Off DM-ed a whole bunch of Houston rappers asking for their pregame predictions for the winner and score of the game. They were lured into the first annual Rap Round Table "Guess The Super Bowl Score" competition with the promise of a "great big [imaginary] trophy."

Here are their predictions, with the winner(s) listed at the end. First, the guys who were eliminated immediately:

Michael "5000" Watts: I'm expecting for the Steelers to win but I would love to see a Packers upset.

Watts was eliminated from the competition for not listing a score.

Z-Ro: I ain't getting paid from whoever win so I don't care.

Rap Round Table: Ha. That's perfect, we suppose. What will you be watching then, sir? Videos of sharks eating chum? Dogs being kicked?

Z-Ro: Just chilling and enjoying breath while I have it.

Z-Ro was eliminated for being heartbreaking.

Riquo Jones: LOL. You silly dude. LMAO.

Riquo Jones was eliminated for e-laughing out loud and e-laughing his ass off.

Kyle Hubbard: Well, I'm not of a sports guy, but I think the team with the Wiz Khalifa theme song [has] at least a 100 lead. So, like 134-32?

Kyle Hubbard was eliminated for being awesome.

The contestants and their predictions:

Bun B: I guessed 27-24, Steelers.

Delo: 21-28, Pittsburgh.

KAB tha Don (or, as he's known around here and in children's nightmares, The Monster): 31-28, Packers.

KAB's nearly perfect guess was still not enough to net him a W. Tough rowing, this game is.

Lil Flip: Steelers 28, Packers 17.

Wreck: 27-21, Packers.

Jack Freeman: 24-21, Steelers.

We absolutely expected Freeman to win this thing, seeing as how he's played college football. This is the last time we let an R&B singer break our heart.

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