WHIP YOUR HAIR: Best Singles By The Children Of Rock & Rap Royalty

Today is Julian Lennon's 48th birthday, born April 8, 1963, just as his father John was beginning the meteoric rise to godhead status with the Beatles. He wouldn't see his dad too terribly much as Beatlemania took over the world, something that both men struggled with as the years went on.

The younger Lennon struck out on his own with a pop career in the early '80s, after his father was gunned down in 1980. His first album, Valotte, was a smash in 1984, going platinum on the strength of hit single "Too Late For Goodbyes". His half-brother Sean would also get into the family business and become a musician in the '90s, releasing a line of indie-rock albums on the Beastie Boys failed Grand Royal label before teaming up with mother Yoko Ono on various projects.

We made a quick top ten list of some of the best singles from rocker and rapper offspring. You will search for that one headlight, whip your hair, stomp in your boots, and like it, but won't exactly know why.

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Craig Hlavaty
Contact: Craig Hlavaty