Whipped Cream Day & Other Delights

When you think of whipped cream, you probably think of doing whippets off the canister or dessert treats. Or how the kids at Starbucks always ask if you want whipped cream on every goddamned thing you order.

Today is National Whipped Cream Day, another fake holiday for us to give thanks for things that we take for granted and for which Third World children would kill for just a taste.

For us, all Rocks Off sees - besides the sweet kiss of nitrous oxide - is the cover of Herb Alpert's 1965 album Whipped Cream and Other Delights, featuring a buxom Hispanic brunette lying a pile of the sweet, white stuff, eying the camera with an ever-so-seductive leveling gaze.

From what we can tell, plenty of men came of age (har-har) while viewing this album cover. Reportedly, so did Rocks Off's father, who was the correct age to have the album affect him carnally.

We don't blame them, it's a very attractive cover, from the woman on the front, to the smooth Alpert sounds within. It's easy to forget that there was even music attached to the picture.

Plenty of bands followed suit with their own parodies of the iconic photo. Here is a just a... taste.

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