(White) Girl Power

Your preteen daughter may worship her Bratz Dolls and dress like an off-duty call girl, but on the bright side, she probably doesn’t perform in a white-power folk group. After the jump is a trailer for a new UK documentary chronicling one summer in the lives of hate-folk duo Prussian Blue. Lynx and Lamb Gaede are fraternal twins from California, age 15, who perform pop singles like “Aryan Man Awake” and “Hate for Hate.” We may scoff at the likes of Disney’s Hannah Montana and the creepy Stepford kids from High School Musical, but I’ve never seen any of their dance routines culminate in a Nazi salute. At least not on any of the DVDs I own. I should probably watch them again tonight while my girlfriend’s at work, just to be sure. – Craig Hlavaty


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