White Oak Music Hall Finally Gets Permit for Permanent Outdoor Stage

White Oak Music Hall has obtained a permit to build a permanent outdoor stage just days before its next outdoor show is scheduled, Public Works spokesman Gary Norman said.

The permit comes just after White Oak Music Hall got slapped on the wrist for beginning construction on the permanent stage without having officially obtained the permit, as we reported last week. Public Works issued a notice of violation to the music venue owners last week ordering them to cease the illegal construction immediately. 

On Thursday, the band The Head and the Heart are supposed to be playing outside, though it is unclear if construction workers can erect the stage that quickly in time for the show.

Neighbors who live in Near Northside surrounding the giant music-venue playground — including the indoor White Oak Music Hall, the outdoor stage and the nearby Raven Tower — have been complaining to City Hall for months about the noise, asking the city to do something about it. Public Works spokesman Gary Norman, however, told us that noise levels are not taken into consideration when approving permits, and so those complaints appear to have had little leverage in affecting the impending construction of the new stage.

Neighbors instead turned their attention to the permitting snafu and last week's illegal construction, and are expected to speak at City Hall again Tuesday afternoon around 1:30.

We will update this story with City Council's response to their complaints.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.