White Oak Music Hall Releases Statement Regarding Permanent Stage

A subject of much conversation this week, White Oak Music Hall finally received approval to build a permanent stage this week, but has been forced to move tonight’s concert by Seattle indie-folk troupe The Head & The Heart to Revention Music Center. That appears to be the last show affected by the venue’s recent bureaucratic entanglements, though – White Oak’s owners released the following statement earlier this afternoon:

Dear Houston Live Music Fans,

Ever since we announced White Oak Music Hall, a core part of our vision has been to provide an amazing outdoor live music venue the city could be proud of—one that would put Houston on the map not only for musicians, but for fans of live music too.  Many of you who have seen one of our shows on the Lawn have embraced that vision, and together, we are proving that Houston is a fun-loving, vibrant, and creative city that loves its live music.  So...THANK YOU!

Recently, we have been working with the City of Houston regarding the building permit for our permanent stage on the Lawn.  You may have read about it in the news or heard a rumor from a friend.  Long story short, it turns out that putting up an outdoor stage is a little more challenging than anticipated, but we've finally figured it out and appreciate the good folks at the City of Houston for guiding us through the process.   

What does this mean for you, though?  Only good things!  First, our Pet Shop Boys(!!) concert on November 2 and our Morrissey(!!!) show on November 19 are on!  We've been working on getting these shows for years, and we are super excited to bring them to you.  Second, it means that we are going to add a whole bunch of permanent bathrooms to support the Lawn in the next few months, so if you hate port-o-potties, this is for you.  Third, it means that our permanent stage will be landing on planet Earth this coming spring—no more temporary stage going up and down!

In a nutshell, if you've been to one of our Lawn shows already, it's going to get even better, and if you haven't had the chance, you'll get to experience the memorable and unique experience we've been working to build for almost four years.  But in the meantime, we'll see you at WOMH for all our shows, both indoors and out!

See what else WOMH has on tap at whiteoakmusichall.com.

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